Feed supplement for healthier and more productive aqua farms

Zeotex is safe, 100% natural way to treat contamination, improve water quality and increase growth rate in aquatic organisms. Zeotex acts as a powerful antioxidant, immunostimulator and ion exchanger.


  • Increases the animals’ growth rates
  • Improves final body weight
  • Increases feed conversion and protein efficiency ratio
  • Prevention of mortality rate by reducing ammonia
  • Prevention of acute ammonia toxicity
  • Increase the survival rate in winter ponds
  • Reduce cadmium toxicity in tissues
  • Protection from poisoning by adsorption of lead
  • Elevate fatty acid profiles

Application of Zeotex in aquaculture production works as an adsorbent for ammonia removal from fish farming ponds and transportation tanks, as cation-exchanger for removal of different toxic heavy metals from freshwater and seawater cultures and as a feed supplement to enhance fish growth and promote their health and nutritional parameters.

Zeotex usage in aquaculture

Commercial breeding and raising of fish has become a major global business, countries and decisionmakers are looking for solutions that will promote the ongoing health and sustainability of aquaculture systems.

Since fish is extremely sensitive to minor fluctuations in: °C pH O2 H2S NH4+ / NH3. It is crucial to maintain the chemical and biological environment of aquaculture within close limits at all times. With adequate management, technology and use of Zeotex , aquaculture farms can maximize efficiency, increase production capacity and at the same time reach sustainability without negative health and environmental impact.

Proper use of Zeotex significantly reduces total ammonia nitrogen (TAN) and other heavy metals, improve pH, water quality, feed conversion, growth rate, protein efficiency and fish’s beauty index.


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Since 1961 the annual global growth in fish consumption has been twice as high as population growth. Aquaculture represents 47 percent of the total fish production in 2016 compared to 15%. Today the industry faces many challenges, one of which is balancing the molecular composition of aquaculture systems.


  • As a feed supplement add 0,1 -0,2 % of Zeotex total feed quantity
  • To improve water quality use an accurate test kit, take an ammonia reading of your water in ppm(parts per million) and divide by 1.5. Then multiply by the numbers of liters in your tank. This final volume is the number of grams of Zeolite needed.